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John Smith

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Elisabeth Collins

"I feel that I owe Laura everything that has happened in my life!"


Aries are moody, assertive, courageous, independent and sometimes self-centered. Aries gets things started and then pursues them with gusto. They can be excellent leaders, but they are very anxious to reach their goals.


Methodical, organised, rational and practical. Conformist, do not like change. When they decide, they rarely reconsider their decision. They do not get angry easily, but when it happens, they can be very moody.


Gemini natives are creative, visionary, communicative, intelligent and insightful. They easily put their projects into practice , due to their manual skills.


The natives of this sign are sensitive, caring and very related to their family and house. They are characterised by their mood swings and for being self-enclosed to protect themselves.


Leo are outgoing, creative, comprehensive, but also bossy and focused on achieving their goals. They like to meddle in situations, even if they should not do it. They enjoy exuberance and lust.


Virgo´s are perfectionists, organised, intelligent, critical, but also insecure. They care very much about their image, hygiene and wellness.


Libra enjoy harmony. They are good mediators and they analyse situations from every angle. They like to work in team because they dislike to take decisions and to be alone. They are attractive and they have artistic talent.


Scorpio are calm, romantic, versatile and sensual due to their well-defined personality. They have some secrets, but they prefer to find out the secrets of the others. They try very hard to reach their goals.


Sagittarius are optimistic, intellectual, sincere, versatile and adventurous. They love freedom and consequently, they dislike to feel trapped. Sometimes they tend to take hasty conclusions that, together with their honesty, can hurt the others.


Prudent, calm, shy and patient. Capricorn want to achieve success and their material stability by its great capability for working and organising. They are careful about their reputation.


Aquarius natives are thoughtful, creative and loyal to their friends. They hate falsehood and hypocrisy. They have an unpredictable temperament. By valuing interpersonal relationships, they like to be involved in collective activities.


Sensitive, generous, visionary, artistic and calm. You can feel the suffering of others and like to help them, even if it need to put you in unfavourable situations.